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Welcome to Infinity Filmz! 

Infinity Filmz consulting production/distribution was launched by an independent filmmaker for independent filmmakers. It quite simply was launched out of necessity. With over fifteen years in the entertainment industry and being swindled twice by distributors we finally decided we’d had, had enough and set out to create a distribution platform that would not only service our film productions but create the most revenue for them. Infinity Filmz is now offering its services to other filmmakers in the hopes that they will not endure these hardships.

Distribution for filmmakers is no longer pay for 10-50 Film Festivals for marketing & exposure in the hopes that you capture the eye of an Acquisition Executive who offers you a 50-50 Net Deal for North American Distribution rights with a “$5-50,000 marketing fee”…where 18 months later you’ve discovered that you haven’t yet seen a penny and can’t afford to pay an auditor to audit them! And even if you could find the “books”, you definitely can’t pay an attorney to litigate and enforce the distribution deal!

As a filmmaker once your film is completed your major concerns are:

Obtaining distribution and earning revenue from the sale of your film. Here at Infinity Filmz this is exactly                                                                                                           what we are concerned about too and what we do to help you achieve these results!

Distribution Channels

Through our distribution channels we're able to reach the global entertainment market. We distribute films worldwide with Video on Demand (VOD), including some foreign VOD sales and North American DVD release (including Blu-Ray).

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